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Motorcycle, Bicycle & Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

As an experienced Personal Injury Attorney, Samuel F. Trussell is a skilled Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, Bicycle Accident Attorney, and Pedestrian Accident Lawyer who protects the rights of men and women who have suffered injuries in an accident. Many accidents occur because drivers of four-wheeled vehicles do not pay appropriate attention to the motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians who have an equal right to be on the roadway. Too often these accidents occur because of the vehicle driver’s negligence, and the potential for injury to the pedestrian, the biker, and the bicyclist is great.

As an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer, Mr. Trussell protects the rights of accident injury victims, and he is dedicated to helping clients pursue financial compensation for injuries. With more than 30 years of knowledge gained from handling serious personal injury claims, he understands how to get results in these cases. Our Personal Injury Law Firm holds the highest AV rating from Martindale-Hubbell for providing professional excellence in this field.

Call The Law Offices of Samuel F. Trussell at (877) 474-6772 and arrange for a free consultation to discuss your situation with a skilled Motorcycle Accident Attorney, Bicycle Accident Lawyer, and Pedestrian Accident Attorney.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable in serious traffic accidents, and the outcome may result in catastrophic injuries or even death to the rider. In California, the mandatory helmet law and the new law legalizing lane-splitting for motorcyclists were designed to protect bikers. However, after a motorcycle accident, injuries suffered to the rider may severely impact the victim’s ability to work and provide for his or her family. Palm Desert Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Samuel Trussell provides skilled representation to help injured victims obtain the financial compensation they deserve. In addition, Mr. Trussell represents persons injured in off-road vehicle accidents, 4-wheeler accidents, and ATV accidents.Motorcycle, Bicycle & Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Whether your bike crash involved a motor vehicle, a pedestrian, or another cyclist, Palm Desert Bicycle Accident Attorney Samuel Trussell will work diligently to represent your interests in a personal injury claim to help you recover the compensation you deserve. If you have suffered injuries on your bike while navigating busy streets, sharing the road with cars and large vehicles, or another type of traffic accident, call our office for help. If your injuries are due to a faulty roadway or other property problem, we may have grounds to hold the city or property owner accountable. Although each case is unique, Personal Injury Lawyer Trussell can advise you on the best legal actions to pursue.

Palm Desert Pedestrian Accident Attorney Representation

Pedestrians have the right-of-way when legally crossing the street, and the law requires that drivers yield. However, vehicles with distracted drivers may cause severe injuries to pedestrians. If you are pursuing a crosswalk injury lawsuit, or legal action for pedestrian injuries, contact Palm Desert Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Samuel Trussell for a free case evaluation. You will learn your rights and the ways our three decades of experience can make a difference in your case.

Call a Skilled Palm Desert Motorcycle, Bicycle, & Pedestrian Accident Attorney

If you have been involved in an injury accident, contact The Law Offices of Personal Injury Attorney Samuel F. Trussell for skilled legal representation. If your loved one was killed in a fatal motorcycle accident, a bicycle accident, or a pedestrian accident, Mr. Trussell will fight vigorously for your right to financial compensation in an accidental death or wrongful death lawsuit.

Personal injury compensation is based on many factors, including the nature of the collision, the details of the accident, and the language of the involved insurance policies. Discuss your situation with Palm Desert Motorcycle Accident Attorney, Pedestrian Accident Lawyer, and Bicycle Accident Attorney Samuel F. Trussell today. Contact our office by calling (877) 474-6772. Or, complete our Injury Case Evaluation Form, and we will contact you to arrange a convenient meeting.

We have offices conveniently located in Palm Desert and Redlands, and we serve clients from communities throughout the Inland Empire and Coachella Valley communities. Se habla español.