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Redlands Personal Injury Lawyer Samuel F. Trussell

The Redlands Personal Injury Attorney from the Law Offices of Samuel F. Trussell uses his 30 years of experience to defend the rights of the injured and gain the compensation that is deserved. Attorney Samuel Trussell has the knowledge and skill it takes to effectively represent injured clients in Redlands as well as throughout Southern California.

Having been able to help so many individuals over the years, our Redlands personal injury lawyer knows the stress that may arise after being hurt. Along with going to many doctor appointments and having to miss work, there may be accompanying financial, mental, and physical burdens. Accident Lawyer Trussell remains committed to gaining the hRedlands Personal Injury Attorneyighest compensation possible to better assist injured clients in recovering.

Along with having gained the highest Martindale-Hubbell rating of AV, Redlands Personal Injury Attorney Trussell does not charge attorney fees upfront. These fees are only collected from the settlement or favorable judgment once it has been won.

To make an appointment for a consultation with Redlands Attorney Trussell, call our Riverside County personal injury law firm at (877) 474-6772. Mr. Trussell carefully examines the case, decides on the most effective strategy, and works to gain the full amount of compensation that is due.

If you, your family, or another loved one has been injured in a situation involving elder abuse, premises liability, medical negligence, or a defective product, Attorney Trussell may be able to gain justice. Our office accepts a range of injury cases including construction site injuries, car accidents, drownings, and wrongful death. We have been able to win multimillion-dollar settlements and judgments in many individual cases.

Personal Injury Lawyer for Redlands, California

Redlands Personal Injury Lawyer Trussell stays focused on the goal of gaining justice for the injured. We are pleased to accept cases involving a variety of injuries.

Accident Attorney

If a loved one is harmed due to an action or lack of action on the part of another person or business, Injury Attorney Samuel Trussell can use his experience and skill to fight for justice. As a knowledgeable accident lawyer, he knows what is needed to preserve a person’s rights and create the desired outcome.

Auto Accidents

Driver error and carelessness such as speeding or texting while driving can cause serious car accidents and injuries.

Truck Accidents

Maintaining a safely functioning truck is the responsibility of the truck driver. If the driver fails to care for this obligation, others can end up with severe injuries. If this has happened to you or a family member, please contact The Law Offices of Samuel F. Trussell to discuss your truck accident case.

Motorcycle, Bicycle, & Pedestrian Accidents

When someone on a bike or motorcycle is involved in a car crash, or someone walking near a road is involved, there may be serious resulting injuries.

Commercial Transportation Accidents

When a bus, truck, taxi, van, or other type of commercial vehicle becomes involved in an injury accident, Redlands Personal Injury Lawyer Trussell is able to guide the injured party through the process of gaining proper compensation.

Medical Malpractice Lawyer for Redlands,

Has someone in your family suffered an injury after a healthcare professional misdiagnosed or delayed a diagnosis? If a doctor, nurse, or other medical provider has contributed to a childbirth injury, surgical error, or similar injury, please contact Mr. Trussell to discuss the situation.

Defective Product

There are, unfortunately, times when a defective product is put on the market before a safety issue is addressed. This may cause injury or even death to consumers. Redlands Attorney Trussell can pursue the designers, retailers, manufacturers, and any others responsible for the problem in order to gain due justice and financial compensation.

Construction Accidents

If a construction worker is injured in a slip and fall or by a collapsed roof, faulty scaffolding, unsafe power tool, compromised wall, or another hazard, call our firm to consult with Construction Site Accident Attorney Trussell.

Elder Abuse

If you or someone you know is being subjected to physical, sexual, or financial elder abuse, The Law Firm of Samuel F. Trussell can offer assistance in taking immediate action to put a stop to it. We hold the guilty parties accountable, and this includes healthcare providers, family, nursing homes, and any others who bear responsibility.

Premises Liability

Mr. Trussell works to obtain the compensation due for individuals who were injured while on another’s property. If reasonable care is not taken to ensure a safe property is maintained, injuries and financial damages may result. Mr. Trussell is a Redlands personal injury lawyer able to successfully pursue cases involving an animal attack, slip and fall, swimming pool injuries, faulty security, and more. Whether the property owner is a private individual or a commercial enterprise, he seeks justice for the injured.

Accidental Death Lawyer

Redlands Wrongful Death Lawyer Trussell helps those grieving the loss of a family member who died in an accident.  When a faulty product, car accident, instance of medical malpractice, or other tragic circumstance takes the life of a loved one, the accidental death attorney at our firm can help you collect the financial compensation that is deserved.

Accident Injury Compensation

Mr. Trussell takes each case seriously and works for the most favorable outcome possible. This care is exercised with cases involving severe injuries as well as those of a more minor nature. To discuss your case with Personal Injury Attorney and Wrongful Death Attorney Samuel F. Trussell, call our office. Matters relating to insurance companies, healthcare providers, governmental departments, and commercial entities will be handled by the law firm so that you may focus on recovering from your injuries.

Consult with a Skilled Redlands Accident Injury Lawyer

To find reliable legal representation and guidance, call Personal Injury Attorney and Medical Malpractice Attorney Samuel Trussell. He can be reached by submitting a completed contact form or by calling the office directly at (877) 474-6772.


When coming to our office from Redlands City Hall, begin by going north on Cajon Street. Continue as Cajon becomes Orange Street. Turn left at West Redlands Boulevard. Turn right onto Tennessee Street. Turn left onto West Colton Avenue and look for our office on the left at 1255 W. Colton Avenue.